The museum has published another great book!

Published by our Museum, and thanks to the funds of the Association of Jewish Communities of Serbia, the book “Jews of Novi Pazar and its surroundings” was recently published. The author of this great book is a retired colonel and a respected member of the Jewish community, Mr. Mento Mentović, and the co-author is Mrs. Mirjana Ajbl.

Mr. Mentović has shown creativity and thorough research spirit for years, as a screenwriter of a series of documentaries (produced by the non-profit, art group “Jorak”) on the history and culture of Jews in Serbia, including a film about the Jewish History Museum.

Jevreji Pazara - sken. korica

but with this book his talent came to the fore even more.

The book belongs to the professional literature, but in the second part it also contains memorial material – personal memories of people from Novi Pazar and the surrounding area of ​​the once quite large and well-organized Jewish community, which was almost completely destroyed in World War II. Mr. Mentović is the only descendant of one of the largest and most famous Jewish families in this community.

The promotion of the book was held on September 18, 2019, in the evening in the Gallery of the Jewish Community of Belgrade. Aleksandar Gaon, Deputy President of the Association of Jewish Communities, Vojislava Radovanović, Director of the Museum and reviewer, Dr. Milan Koljanin, Scientific Adviser of the Institute of Contemporary History and Mento Mentović, author, spoke about the book to the interested audience. Hello.

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