Participation of our Museum in the Scientific Meeting of SANU “Protection, Preservation and Affirmation of Serbian Cultural Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija”

Organized by the SERBIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES AND ARTS – Academic Committee for the Serbian Question, on June 1 and 2, 2021, a scientific conference was held entitled Protection, Preservation and Affirmation of Serbian Cultural Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija. At the ceremonial opening of the scientific gathering, introductory speeches were given by Ms. Maja Gojković, Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, President of SANU, Academician Dr. Vladimir Kostić, and Corresponding Member of SANU, President of the Board, Dr. Dragan Vojvodić. The gathering was attended by 39 scientists and experts from the University of Belgrade, the University of Pristina and Kosovska Mitrovica, the University of Kragujevac, the Republic and Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, the Balkan, Byzantine, Archaeological Institute of SANU, the Serbian Language Institute and the Institute of International Politics. and economy, the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade, then the Archimandrite – Abbot of the Decani Monastery, a representative of the Diocese of Raska – Prizren SOC, Archpriest – Staurophore of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro – Primorje, as well as an advisor to the RS Ministry of Culture and Information. At the invitation of the organizers, the director of our Jewish Historical Museum, Vojislava Radovanović, ethnologist – anthropologist, museum advisor, also participated in this exceptional scientific gathering. Namely, regardless of the very clear thematic determination, at the initiative of the organizers, a report on the topic of Jewish cultural heritage in Serbia, on the entire territory, in the general sense, was included in the program of the Scientific Conference. In accordance with such a broader approach, Vojislava Radovanović spoke about The Jewish Museum Heritage in Serbia, and her colleague from the Institute for the Protection of Monuments of the Republic of Serbia, Dr. Nenad Leibensperger, historian, spoke about the Jewish Monumental Heritage in Serbia.
Vojislava Radovanović and Dr. Nenad Leibensperger very successfully integrated their two thematically related papers, giving a concise, factual, but clear and thorough presentation of the Jewish cultural heritage of the whole of Serbia. Their presentations were accompanied by a complex and rich video presentation, prepared for both by Dr. Leibensperger. Vojislava Radovanović first spoke about the way in which the collections of the Jewish History Museum were formed – two of which are unique in Serbia (Judaica and Old and Rare Books) – as well as about the time of origin and origin of the object, and then Nenad Leibensperger , talking about monuments – synagogues, Jewish cemeteries and memorials. Respecting the epidemic protection measures, the audience had a certain seating schedule in the ceremonial hall of SANU where the gathering was held, but because of that the whole gathering was broadcast live over the Internet (the link was given in advance in the program). The Organizing Committee of SANU plans to publish the Collection of Papers from this scientific gathering, about which we will be informed.