Our Museum in Šabac

At the international manifestation European Day of Jewish Culture on September 5, 2021. the exhibition of the Jewish Historical Museum Jews of Serbia – officers of the Army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was a guest at the Cultural Center of Šabac. The initiator and main organizer of this beautiful cooperation between our Museum and Šabac cultural institutions – Cultural Center and National Museum, was Mr. Stevan Marinković, journalist, publicist and director of several documentaries about Šabac Jews.

The program of our visit began with a reception with the mayor of Šabac, Dr. Aleksandar Pajić, who warmly welcomed the representatives of our Museum, as well as the Jewish communities of Belgrade and Pančevo, at the City Hall.


This was followed by a tour of the sites – monumental testimonies about the once powerful Jewish community in Šabac (Šabac Synagogue, which is now part of the National Museum, the Museum of Šabac Jews, then a well-preserved and arranged Jewish cemetery) and historical events related to the so-called Kladovo Transport, which in 1939., fleeing from Nazism, brought about 1,200 Jewish refugees from Austria to Šabac (a huge city mill).


The ceremonial opening of the exhibition Jews of Serbia – Officers of the Army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the Cultural Center, starting at 6 pm, was attended by a large number of visitors (with all due respect to epidemiological protection measures), as well as representatives of local media, TV stations and newspapers. The welcoming speech was given by the director of the Cultural Center Svetlana Stanković, and Vojislava Radovanović, the author of the exhibition and the director of our Museum, spoke about the exhibition itself – the context of its creation, professional approach and contents.



At 7 pm, in the specially arranged yard of the Sabac Cultural Center, musician Nikola Albahari Salaćanin, accompanying himself on guitar, held an extraordinary concert of the most beautiful and dynamic Sephardic and Ashkenazi songs.

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