Since 1971, the Museum has been publishing a periodical professional and scientific publication “Jewish Studies of the Jewish History Museum “. By 2015, 10 issues of the Jewish Studies had been published. The Museum published two special monographs on the topic of the Second World War: “Memories of the Jews of the Jasenovac Camp”, Belgrade, 1972, and “Jews of Yugoslavia 1941-1945, Victims of Genocide and Freedom Fighters”, Dr. Jaša Romano, Belgrade, 1980.
The exhibitions, particularly the study ones prepared by the Jewish Historical Museum (exhibitions of textiles, books, newspapers, holiday customs, life cycle customs, youth societies, etc.), are always accompanied by the Museum catalogues and monographs, and so far, two CDs have also been published.
On the topic of the culture of Sephardic Jews, the publication “Sephardim in the South Slav Lands” was published in Belgrade in 1992 along with two books of Sephardic proverbs.
The work on the edition “We Survived… Jews on the Holocaust” has been completed. Five books were published in Serbian between 2001 and 2009. In 2005 and 2006, the first three books were translated and published in English as well.

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