Exhibitions do not fall from the sky, someone makes them

On January 25, 2020, the daily POLITIKA published an article MEMORY OF THE HOLOCAUST IN THE MEMORIAL – MUSEUM “21. OCTOBER “. The article was written correctly but, unfortunately, not to everyone. Namely, the article informs the public that the International Holocaust Remembrance Day was marked on January 24, 2020 in the Memorial Museum in Kragujevac, and that certain institutions participated in that all-day gathering. In the next paragraph, the article lists the participants with their names and surnames – researchers who deal with the topic of the Holocaust … And that’s all right. But then, in the continuation, the sentence follows: “… and the exhibition JEWS OF SERBIA – OFFICERS OF THE ARMY OF THE KINGDOM OF YUGOSLAVIA” was opened. Still nothing more. Well, if the participants (both individuals and institutions) are already mentioned, why isn’t it stated whose exhibition it is !? Because, that exhibition was not organized by the Memorial Museum “21. October ”from Kragujevac, nor was it prepared by the mentioned participants, and such an impression is gained.

This exhibition is a guest exhibition, organized by the Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade as a result of extensive research during 2015 in the Military Archives; in addition to the exhibition, the Jewish Historical Museum published an excellent monograph of the same name with catalog items and illustrations. So, the exhibition Jews of Serbia – Officers of the Army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia has its author and a whole team of very professional people who worked on that research – exhibition – publishing project. Museum “21. October “has several copies of the mentioned monograph in the imprint of which everything is written.

We do not expect all of this to be mentioned in the article in question, but we certainly expected the Jewish History Museum, Belgrade, to be mentioned in addition to the exhibition.

Vojislava Radovanović, director of the Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade