About the museum

About the Museum

The Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade was founded in 1948. The Museum operates under the auspices of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia and it is the only museum institution of this type in our country. It is thematically specialized and complex in terms of contents. In addition to museum collections, it also has a significant archive.

The activity of the Jewish Historical Museum is versatile and dynamic – it continuously organizes exhibitions, has a well-developed publishing activity, and as the only museum of this type, it provides daily professional assistance and information to researchers, scientists, students, artists, and other interested individuals.

Apart from maintaining contacts with individuals, the Jewish Historical Museum cooperates closely with other similar national and international institutions. Individual or smaller group visits to the permanent exhibition of the Museum have become very frequent, and in the last few years there has been a noticeable increase in larger group visits, mostly from abroad.

Our staff:

Vojislava Radovanović, ethnologist, manager of JHM

Bojan Zorić, archivist and historian

Barbara Panić, curator and art historian

E-mail:  jevrejskimuzej.beograd@gmail.com